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Photographer Steven Thomas Hyatt 

My interest in photography emerged in my teenage years as an extension of a general desire to create. Years later, as a philosophy and religious studies major at the College of Charleston, I would often spend time “studying” in the Unitarian Church’s incredibly unique and alive cemetery, though most of the studying wasn’t done in a book. Many years after that I found myself back at the same church wondering how I could capture what I was both seeing and experiencing in that space, and the effort to meet that challenge gave birth to the Churches of Charleston Project which, 2 years later, became the Churches of America Project and has sense expanded to include churches throughout the world. You can see more about that photographic work here.

In addition to photographing churches I do a wide array of photography as personal or commercial endeavors ranging from architecture to portraits of birds of prey to landscapes and even abstract fine art photography. Also, I have a fine art printing business, Imaging Arts Printing, where I specialize in high quality canvas printing of your photographs or other artwork. You can learn more about my printing here.

Please feel free to contact me regarding any of my work or work you are interested in having done. Thank you for looking.